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Diversion Submission Guidelines

Diversion is all about making a place where creative expression can be both appreciated and fostered. We're looking, first and foremost, for good writing. Crisp prose, believable characters, strong narratives. More specifically, we like stuff that's 'outside the box', maybe even a little experimental (or even a lot experimental). Now, that doesn't mean we'll accept bad writing just because it's different, but if you've got something good that doesn't really fit anyone else's guidelines, maybe we can find a home for it here.

Anything submitted for publication must be previously unpublished. This includes things you have posted up on a blog or other website. We will consider things which have been published but are no longer available (taken down from a personal website for example), but you must state as such in the body of your submission email.


We're looking for stories of any style or genre even style-and-genreless wonders. There is no hard cap on word-count, however, we plan to focus on publishing shorter fiction (2000 words or less), and so shorter pieces have a greater chance of being selected. We will be publishing some longer pieces, and even some serial fiction, so if you have something that's long and good, we promise to give it due consideration.


We accept poems of all types and lengths and on all subjects. Please submit no more than five poems at a time, and do not submit again till you've received an answer to your previous submission. Feel free to include a brief commentary about each poem that could be published alongside it.


We're looking for interesting articles on any topic. Please base articles only on fact. Brevity and clarity will be seen as virtues. We prefer submissions of under 1200 words, longer submissions should be reserved for the particularly intriguing.


Photos can be of any type and on any subject. Those photos that are creative and innovative are more likely to be accepted. Digitally edited photos are fine, but please note so in the submission email. Please make an effort to select only your best photos for submission submit no more than five photos at a time, and do not submit again until you've received a response.

5. ART

If you're interested in doing artwork for Diversion, please send a small portfolio (3-5 pieces) to us. If we like your work, we will retain you as an artist, and send you notice when we're looking for art. You'll be guaranteed to have your art published, and have as much creative license as the subject material allows. We're looking for artists who can draw black and white and/or colour art in a realistic style.


Got an idea for something else to include? Puzzles, games, interpretive dance? Send it in and we'll talk about it.


Please email all submissions to diversionsubmissions@gmail.com.

Send text submissions in the form of a double-spaced Word Document (.doc) or Rich Text File (.rtf) attached to the email.

Send images in .jpg or .png formats. We're not currently imposing a file size limit, but please keep it reasonable so we don't have to start.

Please include in the body of the email a brief outline of your submission, a brief bio, and any other relevant information.

Please write the subject line of your email as follows:

So, say if John Smith submitted a story, it would read:

We'll send you an email back to let you know we received your submission, and give you some idea of when you'll receive a response. We try to get one to you as soon as we can.

If we decide to accept your submission, we'll send you info on how to proceed.


Less than 5000 Words - $5.
More than 5000 Words - $10.

Poetry - $5.

Non-Fiction - $5.

Photography - $5.

Art Varies, but at least $10.

If you have any questions about the submissions process, or want to submit something we've not listed, please email us at the submissions address with the subject line 'QUERY: [NAME]' and we'll do what we can to help.